America needs our stories and perspective

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History Matters

White washed history must go

One month, not enough

We cannot separate Black history from American history. And while it’s amazing to see our history celebrated from sea to shining sea, one month is not enough to highlight our amazing contributions and triumphs. Black History month barely scratches the surface. Also, this subject is not universally accepted. Many people still fight against the idea that public schools should teach Black history.

So, it’s absolutely necessary for Black people to tell Black history from the lens of Black perspectives. In our absence, white historians have controlled the narrative. As…

Stories from activists

Photo Credit | Allison Gaines | made via Canva

Welcome to Cultured. Our publication curates and publishes articles written by social activists. Whether you are a one-issue champion or write about a variety of issues, you can find a home with us. Take a look at some editor’s picks. These stories will open your eyes about the experiences of Black people, people of color, and the LGBTQ community.

About Black Womanhood —

Casira Copes wrote :when I voiced my questions about how best to deal with the pain of recovery, my doctor (a young white woman fresh out of med school), suggested that what I was dealing with was ‘psychosomatic.’

Bih wrote: The…

Cultured Editors

Curating Stories from Social Rights Activists

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